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eZine May 2020

Thornbury eZine

Thornbury Magazine has published a pdf version online for many years. One drawback with the pdf is that the whole file, all 10Mb, has to be downloaded before it can be read. Another is that the layout of a pdf is fine if you're reading on a laptop or desktop but doesn't adapt automatically to screen size so the challenge was to produce a version which would be more readable on a tablet or smartphone. The result is Thornbury eZine, the first version of which, the May 2020 issue, was published online on 1st May. It is still in the early stages of development so although it is fully functional, it still lacks elegance.

The Geordies skittles team

Geordies skittles team

The brief was to provide everything anyone could ever possibly want to know about ninepin skittles in general and the Geordies skittles team in particular. Player statistics are calculated by server side scripting so all the Hon Sec has to do is upload results from each match.

Glimpses of Fiddaman's Lynn
Glimpses of Fiddaman's Lynn

Simple pages to augment the biography (published in 2000) of a renowned publican, showman, racehorse owner and bookmaker who lived at King's Lynn in the latter half of the 19th century.

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